Reflection 9: Interactive Whiteboards

The article, “The Rise of the Interactive Whiteboard in Higher Education,” states that interactive whiteboards engage students’ imagination and promote collaboration. They also accommodate all types of learners, visual, kinesthetic and auditory. The SmartBoard also enhances communication. Students are able to achieve a level of interactivity that is impossible to achieve with traditional textbook learning. Student collaboration is enhanced when these new levels of participation are introduced.Image

Some defects of the SmartBoard are that is very expensive. Some schools may only be able to provide a few SmartBoards. In these cases the SmartBoards are put on wheels and moved from classroom to classroom. This causes problems when multiple teachers want to use the board. Another problem is instructing teachers how to use the boards to their fullest potential.

All in all I think interactive whiteboards are a great addition to our 21st century classrooms. I would also be interested in the ways SmartBoards could be used in speech therapy. Image

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