Reflection: Project-Based Learning

In my 10th grade AP European History class we did a month-long project. We were to research a significant person such as Rousseau or Voltaire, write a 5-page paper about their actions and beliefs, and then on the final day we dressed up as our historical figure and were interviewed by other teachers. This project-based learning thoroughly prepared us for the AP exam and it was a fun way of learning about different historical people. Image

From a student’s perspective there are many pros to project-based learning but there are also some cons. Projects are a fun, different way to learn new material instead of listening to lectures. Also many project allow students to use new materials such as technology or costumes. Many projects require students to work together this can be a pro or a con depending on the students. Many students love working with a partner but others may prefer to work alone. Image

From a teacher’s perspective there are also many pros and cons. Project-based learning invokes a deeper reasoning and thinking in students. It forces students to use problem-solving skills not only to complete the project but to also work in a group efficiently. Melissa Pelochino states this in the edutopia article, “They don’t know how to process information without a how-to guide, with a model and an example for everything. We need to be asking our kids questions that don’t have predetermined outcomes. We need to let them explore and construct and investigate and try and, most important, fail.” A con from a teacher’s perspective may be that projects are time consuming. A teacher would have to have time in their lesson plan for a project or the project would have to cover a lot of material in the lesson plan.



3 thoughts on “Reflection: Project-Based Learning

  1. Campbell- that was very insightful. I loved how you talked about your own personal experience with project based learning and how that helped you. I think you did good job laying out the good and bad areas of project based learning. I would like to know more about your opinion of project based learning; I wished you elaborated more on what you thought! I also loved your wordle, good job!

  2. I agree that in project based learning it allows students to find a deeper meaning and involvement in the information they are learning in the classroom. You brought up a good con for students in how some prefer to work alone, I myself am one of those. I find it hard to trust people to put the amount of effort I do and it’s not fun when that effects the outcome. Great quote from the article! I couldn’t agree with her more. Even in colleges, especially those that I’ve heard other than UGA, students still expect their professors to give detailed study guides for exams. Like they expect that only the terms and definitions should be tested, not the actual concepts and application to the real world.

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