Reflection: Ladybug Number Count!

            We made our stop animation project on an app called, Ladybug Number Count. We chose this app because we all have had experiences working with preschoolers who struggle with counting. This app helps children learn to count. I think it is a very effective and entertaining app. The game provides screens that look similar to I Spy and the player then has to find the ladybugs and tap them with their finger. For each ladybug tapped a number appears above it. I believe it is a fun and dynamic way to learn numbers.Image

            The apps I learned about from my peers were very helpful. The apps definitely showed how much technology has influenced education. For example, you now can get practically all your textbooks online, you can save your documents in a cloud and access them from anywhere, and you can make 6 second videos to help teach other people. As a teacher or a student in the 21st century I would definitely use these apps to better my education.ImageImage

            I really enjoyed making a stop animation video. It does take some time to do so I would suggest to others to start early and stay on track with the assignments. I would also suggest writing down information in the video because that is an easy way to communicate your ideas (but don’t forget to include pictures!) Some pros of this technique is that it makes you really analyze the scenes in your video and you are able to communicate your idea fast. The con of this technique is that it is very laborious and tedious but in the end it turns out great! Overall I really liked this project.Image



5 thoughts on “Reflection: Ladybug Number Count!

  1. I totally agree, writing down things for the video is a very clear/fast/easy way to communicate your points with the support of pictures. There is no way that people watching will miss the points!

  2. The app you and your group chose was so cute!! It’s really neat to see all the different apps that help children learn their basics like numbers, and states in Stack the States. It wasz really creative of you guys to use one of the preschoolers you work with so you got to experience the learning first hand. I do have to admit though that the whole writing points down got a little repetitive when most people did it for their projects. I feel like stop animation should be pictures! and animated figures hah but I know that’s my personal opinion and it is A LOT harder said then done. All in all, good job!

  3. Your app that you did your project on seems really effective. When I have children I would be very interested to try this and see they enjoy it and it helps them to read. I totally agree with your pros and cons about the project. It was tedious, yet it was a good project!

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