Reflection 6: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, according to Ronald Azuma, is an “environment that includes both virtual reality and real-world elements.” In other words it’s the combination of technology and real life. Because technology is becoming such an important part of learning, augmented reality can be very helpful in the classroom.Image

There are several pros to using augmented reality in today’s classrooms. First, it engages learners in the content you want them to understand. Using technology to learn a new subject is more exciting and engaging than just listening to a lecture. Jim showed us an example of this with the augmented reality game, “Dow Day.” Learners are excited to discover “Dow Day” because they are learning about the events while walking exactly where they occurred. Students are able to learn outside of the classroom. Image

There are some cons to augmented reality as well. Because technology is relatively new to classrooms teachers have to adjust their teaching methods. Augmented reality is also new so it is constantly changing. One useful augmented reality app I have used is “Car Finder.” This app helps you find your car in parking garages or crowded lots. It uses your camera to search for your car and then give you directions to it. Image



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