Although the future is a significant aspect in my personal development, reflecting on the past is extremely important when considering the person I am today.  Traveling creates my most impressive experiences and helps me learn new cultures. This summer I studied abroad in Spain. I lived in a house with a family; this not only forced me to speak Spanish and improve my speaking skills but I also was able to learn more about the typical Andalusian family. I was introduced to new foods, culture, and language.

I learn best through doing hands on activities so I think a full immersion in a culture is the best way to learn a culture or language. I have also traveled to Costa Rica, Germany, Morocco, England, and Mexico. My family values travelling and culture because my family comes from different cultures. My grandfather is from Pakistan and my grandmother is from Wales. My family has helped me learn new things and cultures that I would not necessarily have learned in school.

I am at junior at the University of Georgia and the past few years in college have developed and changed the way I learn. Living away from home helped me learn to be more independent. The classroom atmosphere is different in college compared to high school. This difference in classrooms has changed the way I learn. Technology has also changed the way I learn. Although laptops sometimes provide temptations such as Facebook and Twitter, they are a great tool for note taking. I am able to record what the teacher says much faster and can review my notes after class with ease. Smartboards and programs like PowerPoint have also changed the way I learn. Teachers can introduce new material in a more visually attractive way. This grabs the attention of students and allows them to participate. I believe technology is imperative for a classroom in the 21st century.

Here is a photo of me with my grandparents at my graduation ceremony from high school. My grandfather from Pakistan and grandmother from Wales are on the left.Image

Here is a picture of fried shark, a common dish in Southern Spain. Our host mom would cook dinner a lot.Image

Technology is so important even my cat uses it!!! He has a Facebook and his name is El Gato.ImageImageHere is a picture of Cadiz, the oldest city in Spain. This is where I lived when I studied in Spain. As you can see from the photo it is a very different culture.

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